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1805 29th Street, Suite #2050 Zayo Group Zayo Group Zayo Group Zayo Group, Boulder, CO 80301

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Ethernet : NYC3

Zayo Group, LLC Ethernet : NYC3

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Weather you are looking to connect several offices, seamlessly support a large number of users, directly connect to cloud services or access the Internet quickly and reliably, Zayo's Ethernet service offers the exceptional protection, performance and consistency you need to power your organization. 

Carrier-class Ethernet enables you to:

  • Deliver 10 MB to 100 GB of bandwidth, with options for QoS and route protection
  • Leverage standard protocol and support nearly any application
  • Utilize topologies to link LANs across metro, intercity and transatlantic locations
  • Support increasing bandwidth needs, diverse applications and multiple on-net locations



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