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Inbound & Outbound Services

Peerless Network Inc. Inbound & Outbound Services

Inbound & Outbound Services

Peerless Network Inc.

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IntelePeer's inbound services offer service providers interconnection and transport of local calls through our all-IP platform. With the ability to originate local calls via IP, service providers can eliminate the need to purchase and maintain expensive voice gateways in markets where they offer services, enter new markets more quickly and manage voice traffic more efficiently. IntelePeer's outbound services provide service provider with a cost effective way of terminating telephone calls nationally through IP or legacy connections over our CloudWorx™ platform that includes peering relationships with over 60 partners. CloudWorx intelligently routes calls with the highest quality, scalability and reliability regardless of whether it is a user with a single outbound call, large contact centers with hundreds of concurrent calls, or traffic from the largest global carriers and service providers. ...