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Private Cloud : ATL1

Lume Technologies Inc. Private Cloud : ATL1

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Premium Solutions, Built Just for You
Our solutions are enterprise-grade and engineered to perform. We know that every client is different and every organization has unique needs. Before designing your solution, we sit and listen to you describe your needs, organization and how it operates. From there, we tailor a solution that is perfect for you.



  -  Large compute and/or storage requirements

  -  The need for control over infrastructure

  -  That require additional security

  -  Compliance or regulatory requirements

  -  Increased performance requirements


Infrastructure to Support Mission-Critical Apps
Our Private Clouds solutions provide unparalleled performance and reliability. We give you 24/7 support and take care of all the OS management, hardware refreshes, VM migrations, network configurations and disaster recovery requirements so you don’t have to. We can deploy and manage your infrastructure across multiple availability zones for a true high-availability environment.



Fast and Reliable Cloud Server Deployment
We get it. When you need a Cloud Server, you need it fast – we’ll make sure that happens.

Fault Tolerance
In the event of hardware failures, vSphere can provide continuous availability for applications with zero data loss, automatically.

Resource Allocation
VMware vCenter pools and automates all data center resources like compute, storage and networking.

Live Migrations
vSphere's vMotion architecture allows live migrations from running virtual machines from one physical server to another with zero downtime as well as allow you to manage and schedule live migrations.

Disaster Recovery
All of Lume’s Private Cloud Solutions come equipped with some level of DR functions – the extent of which is depends on your specific needs. This could be as little as file level Managed Backup all the way up to a fully replicated hot site in geographically diverse location.



  -  OS Patching

  -  Anti-Virus Protection

  -  Network Monitoring

  -  Advanced Server Monitoring

  -  Geo-Redundant Backup

  -  Local Load Balancing

  -  Global Load Balancing

  -  IDS/IPS

  -  And More



  -  High Performance Computing

  -  Hybrid Environments

  -  Seasonal or Peak Needs

  -  Disaster Recovery


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