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Hybrid Cloud : ATL1

Lume Technologies Inc. Hybrid Cloud : ATL1

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Best Fit Solutions
Our Hybrid Cloud Solutions allow you to incorporate public, private and on premise components to create the best fitting environment for your needs.

Mix and Match to Build What You Need
Mix and match your needs and applications to their ideal environments while gaining performance and control.  Add additional products and Managed Services as you need them.

  -  Colocation

  -  Private Cloud

  -  Public Cloud (AWS, Google, Azure)

  -  On Premise



  -  More Flexibility

  -  High Availability

  -  Better Economics

  -  Dynamic Resource Allocation



Burstable Hybrid
A burstable Hybrid Cloud Solution gives you the ability to put core services on dedicated or private infrastructure and connects them to scalable virtual cloud servers. This means your infrastructure can better handle traffic bursts in a more economical and efficient manner.

  -  No need to over-provision

  -  Choose your infrastructure based on need, application or performance requirements

  -  More efficient operations

  -  Better infrastructure planning with lower ownership costs


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